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Our new website is coming soon – well sort of here!  Stay tuned for all kinds of information about living gluten free and shopping at Trader Joe’s, it’s the only place I shop. We’re doing a soft launch of the site, getting content added and links set up.

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  1. Dolores Flournoy says:

    What has happened to all the usual GF foods available in your stores. Has become more difficult to find the products I usually buy. Since moving to AZ it is a very long trip to my local TJ’s so I am now upset about missing GF labels and usually available foods.
    I am not much of a snacker, it seems you have a huge selections of GF snacks. Ho HUm, not my choice for meals. I always promoted your stores to friends and strangers for your great selections of GF foods. Help I am worried now. It is a must that I remain strictly GF. Thank you so much.

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