The Weekend Classic or My Eggy Claim To Fame

Written by Todd

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My eggy claim to fame

So yesterday for breakfast I was a little lazy, even though one of the unwritten rules of our relationship is that the weekend mornings need to be filled with the smells of eggs and bacon and whatever else I’m inclined to do. (Even when a day of rock climbing is planned, Shani needs her eggs!) And while technically the scrambled eggs with bacon pieces qualified, let’s just say Shani was less than impressed! I even got an “I could have done that myself”.  So today I decided to bring back the Weekend Classic to balance things out a bit.  I think a lot of people forget that when you need to eat gluten-free, go back to the basics – things like eggs will always be gluten-free!

I’ve been playing with this scrambled egg dish for years now, and parts of it go back to the very early days of un-edible experiments in my mom’s kitchen.   Of the experiments that survived, the addition of Lee & Perrins Worcestershire is one I never would have bet on.  Oddly enough, this unique condiment adds a really nice flavor to the eggs without being overpowering.  There’s a lot of great things going on in these eggs, and a few dashes of Worcestershire helps make these  a classic.

The second condiment that really makes these eggs is Johnny’s Seasoning Salt. Upon hearing the rave reviews this seasoning was getting from some Seattle natives, I gave it a go.  Honestly, this is amazing!  It’s the right blend, with distinctive characteristics that I have yet to find in another seasoning salt.  Unfortunately, you can’t get this at TJs.

So now that I’ve spilled the beans about these two, I’ll get onto the eggs.

Food list:

  • Trader Joe’s Turkey Bacon
  • California Ranch Fresh Eggs AA
  • Red Onion
  • Crimini Mushrooms
  • Quattro Formaggio Cheese Blend
  • Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Johnny’s Seasoning Salt
  • Worcestershire Sauce

Many things in our house start with onion and mushroom.  I like to start off with a red onion, diced and liberally seasoned with Johnny’s.  Into a medium/high skillet (I like my All Clad non-stick for this) they go, sometimes with a little Trader Joe’s Olive Oil spray, sometimes with a little pat of butter.  I like to get them browish and then I add a cup or so of sliced cremini (mini portobello) mushrooms.  These too get a  sprinkle of Johnny’s! (I really like the stuff)

While the onion and mushroom are cooking away, I like to break 3 eggs into a bowl, season (again with the Johnny’s!) and whisk with a fork to really get them blended.  I like to put in the Worcestershire and whisk some more.  I also turn down the heat a bit while the veggies are cooking so that the addition of eggs doesn’t make for burnt eggs straight away.  (By the way, I get the cheap eggs at Trader Joes, the AA grade that are about $1.69 a dozen)

Most of the time, some cheese is added, depending on what we have around.  Goat cheese is really nice in these, but today we only had a little of  the Quatro Formaggio blend, and I added some extra-sharp cheddar. (I should mention here that I also cook up a full package of Trader Joe’s Turkey Bacon, as we eat it through the week as a great start to our mornings.)  I like to take two slices of the cooked bacon and dice it up, blend it in with the eggs, and then fold in the cheese.

So there ya have it, my Weekend Classic.  I got a “Oh, these are really nice!” from the wife, the balance of the universe is restored.


What are you breakfast favorites?


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