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A little bit about us and why we created this blog.gluten free living



We want to share with you why Living Gluten-Free doesn’t have to be a miserable culinary experience. Yes, eating out will probably always be a hassle, but cooking at home and dining with friends and family CAN be fun again!  We want to help you learn to enjoy eating again.  We want to help your friends and families learn how to cook for you.  It’s not as hard and scary as everyone thinks!  Yes, there will be mess ups along the way – like the crushed candy canes that my mom put on the gluten free cake – who knew candy canes had gluten!  Or the hollandaise sauce that my dad put on my eggs benedict – really that tiny little packet was full of wheat?  The point is you should enjoy your life, don’t stop participating in food events with friends and family just because you need to eat gluten-free.

Our blog is here to inspire you and your friends and family with food ideas – anything from simple out of the box ideas, as well as detailed gluten-free recipes.  We are here to help, let us know what food you’re craving and we will come up with a recipe for you!



In 2008, I had a huge break through.  I finally realized why I had no energy, constant stomach aches, and a puffy face.  I was allergic to gluten! If you’re interested in how I figured it out, read my full story here.  It was a huge struggle to figure out what to eat, what were the hidden sources of gluten, and what random things had gluten in them like soy sauce, BBQ sauce, and french fries!  But I’ve come a long way, and actually enjoy food now, mostly because there are so many options for gluten free food now at stores like Trader Joe’s and because…Todd loves to cook.


TODDgluten free cooking

It’s true, I do love to cook, and I go to Trader Joe’s almost every day! We always ‘need’ something and it makes me feel like I’m getting us the freshest food available (even when it’s frozen, it’s the freshest frozen I can get!). If you’re interested in my food and lifestyle journey, read more here.  Now that Shani has to be gluten free, I’ve adopted the motto “Gluten free wife, gluten free life!” and I’ve accepted the challenge to make all of our meals both tasty and gluten free.