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Flights of Fancy – Wine Tasting At Home

3 February 2012

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Wine and cheese

Shani and I love wine! I’m always on the lookout for the next good value I can get for under $10 at TJ’s, which has led us into our own wine tasting events.  It’s always fun and sometimes we find a new favorite, which is what happened this week when we tried 3 new reds […]

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California Omelette

28 January 2012



I’ve been making this little omelette for myself all week and thought I would share!  I opted for a no cheese version as I’m trying to be good with the start of the new year and all.  And honestly, I don’t miss it one bit.  This is a very smooth tasting omelette, if that makes […]

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Gluten Free Hard Shell Turkey Tacos

9 January 2012


Hard Shell Turkey Tacos

I’m a huge fan of the humble taco in all of it’s forms.  From street taco to gourmet food truck taco, hard shell or soft, steak, chicken or pork, I enjoy them all (turkey in this case).  Shani, however, doesn’t have the same luxury in eating that I do. In addition to being gluten free […]

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An Easy Gluten Free New Year’s Eve Appetizer

28 December 2011


Cheese and Crackers

This is the simplest appetizer around! (next to chips and salsa that is) We’re fond of both the Original Savory thin mini Crackers (rice) and the Baked Sea Salt & Pepper Crisps Made with Rice crackers.  Trader Joe’s has at least one other variety of rice cracker, maybe more, it’s hard to keep track these […]

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Awesome Gluten Free Turkey Burgers

21 December 2011


Turkey Burger

Gourmet burgers are all the rage these days and I thought we should add a gluten free turkey version.  As you might know, Shani thinks cows are cute and won’t eat them, and we don’t have a close gluten free bakery for good hamburger buns. ( I try to bake but it’s really too exact […]

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Easy Gluten Free Chicken Enchiladas Suizas Lasagna Style

17 December 2011



I imagine we are  like a lot of people and fall into food ruts. We end up eating the same dishes over and over again due in a large part to laziness and an overall lack of creativity.  Busy lives lead to certain types of boredom it seems! So tonight, it was with great joy […]

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Easy Gluten Free Chicken Stir Fry

8 December 2011


Stir Fry

Sometimes we need something that’s really easy to make but that has a little feel of complexity without all the work. By using a frozen veggie blend, adding a little more frozen broccoli, some frozen peas and the slightly spicy sweet chili sauce we can almost instantly get that in this dish. Ingredients used: 1/2 […]

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Easy Gluten Free Appetizer – Bacon Wrapped Dates!

28 November 2011


Bacon Wrapped Dates

We love this little appetizer – a perfect combination of sweet and salty!  It’s so easy to make ahead and then just toss under the broiler. Ingredients used: 12 Trader Joe’s Fancy Medjool Dates 1 package Trader Joe’s uncured Applewood bacon, cut in halves Trader Joe’s Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil Spray toothpicks to fasten […]

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BBQ Chicken and Baked Potato

21 November 2011


Baked Potato

This is another one of those super easy and fast recipes that I thought I should share.  I don’t recall where I first saw this, and to be honest, most of the time when I suggest it to the uninitiated I get a somewhat quizzical look in response!  But here’s the thing, this dish never […]

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Trader Joe’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

14 November 2011


This is a first for me.  Both of the TJ’s that I frequent have at least one area for food samples (and at the Newport shop there is a wine bar! I know you’re jealous…cheese too!)  So one of the TJ’s samples I had recently was some Chicken Tortilla Soup.  I thought it was a […]

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