Sun Dried Tomatoes with Toasted Goat Cheese

Written by Todd

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Sun Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese AppetizerThis one is super basic, but yields a very rich tasting and unique appetizer.  If I recall correctly, this one goes back to something they were serving at the Belgian Lion before the Coulons closed it, but I’m not sure.  (Arguably, this was one of the best restaurants in San Diego county, and I had the joy of eating there on multiple occasions. My friend Tory worked there, so I knew and hung out with some of the servers; some are still friends today.  My loose association with the Belgian Lion has, no doubt, influenced my cooking and my expectations. How could it not!  On the occasions that I do go all out, this is the standard I am aiming for. Duck Cassoulet anyone?)

Ingredients used:

  • Trader Giotto’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Trader Joe’s Julienne Sliced Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil
  • Trader Joe’s Savory Thin Mini Crackers (these are rice and informal, TJ’s also has some other larger rice crackers that are a little more elegant)
  • Goat cheese – either as rounds or a log

Put the goat cheese in the middle of an oven proof plate or serving dish.  (You should use something with at least a slight side similar to this – it will help keep the olive oil from running off the dish.) Use a fork to get the sun dried tomatoes out of the jar, and sprinkle a healthy amount in a loose circle around the goat cheese.  The sun dried tomatoes will bring some olive oil with them to the plate, but you want to drizzle a little olive oil on the goat cheese and around on the plate.  Set the oven or toaster oven to broil and slide the plate in.  Watch this one closely! It will burn quickly if you aren’t paying attention.  I like to get a little brown on the goat cheese and the tomatoes.

That’s It!

Serve with your favorite gluten free crackers or, alternately, some toasted gluten free french bread slices! If serving with the bread, a little balsamic drizzle and some fresh ground pepper with the olive oil might make a nice addition to this simple and quick appetizer.


What’s your favorite quick use for goat cheese or sun dried tomatoes?


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